Playground Safety Surfacing in Argyll and Bute

Playground Safety Surfacing in Argyll and Bute

We offer the very best playground safety surfacing in the United Kingdom for schools, parks, nurseries and residential properties.

Wet Pour Safety Surfacing in Argyll and Bute

Wet Pour Safety Surfacing in Argyll and Bute

If you are interested in having wet pour safety surfacing installed at a great cost, please complete our contact form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Rubber Safety Surface in Argyll and Bute

Rubber Safety Surface in Argyll and Bute

We can install a rubber safety surface to protect the children at your school or nursery. Please complete our contact form for information on costs.

Playground Safety Surfacing in Argyll and Bute

Playground safety surfacing in Argyll and Bute PA78 6 is not only a fantastic way of refurbishing a long-forgotten about area, but it can actively help children develop both mentally and physically too.

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Whether it be in schools, local playgrounds or nearby activity centres, safe surfacing is the perfect solution to all of your surfacing needs. Here are just a few positives that an impact absorbing surface can give you;

  • It’s quick and easy to install
  • It requires very little in the way of maintenance
  • It can be laid in a variety of different colours
  • It can be laid around existing playground equipment.

For a quote to transform your playground into a safe and vibrant environment that kids will adore, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

Wet Pour Safety Surface

Wet pour safety surfaces are probably the most popular type of surface used in kids’ playgrounds. Why? Because it meets Critical Fall Heights standards and is a breeze to install.

Commonly known as ‘rubber tarmac’, it’s made of two distinct layers; the first layer is a shock pad to absorb impacts, while the second coloured layer is made of durable rubber. This is poured on top of the shock pad to whatever thickness you require and can be made in loads of different colours.

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It's this versatility that makes it a dream to work with. It instantly transforms a previously dilapidated area into something that kids want to spent time in. And the best part? The rubber is made from recycled materials, so it's kind to the environment as well as the kids.

This safety surfacing can also be easily repaired. Find out about repairs here:

Playground Safety Surface

A quick search for playground safety surface in Argyll and Bute PA78 6 near me or in your surrounding area will probably take you by surprise at the sheer amount of variety that is on offer.

Rubber surfaces are as uniquely designed as the playgrounds themselves, and you'll struggle to find a school, nursery or public park that doesn't have at least some form of playground safe surfacing.

Choose from a vast palette of colours and designs ( to tie in with your chosen colour scheme and make your playground eye-catching, safe, and durable for years to come.

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Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

If you are looking for a way to revamp your existing children's play area, or are installing a new one, then wet pour safety surfaces are an absolute must. A large factor in this is just how much peace of mind it gives anyone who is supervising children as they play there.

You see, the surface is made up of a shock-resistant pad and recycled rubber materials, which lessens the impact of any falls and trips and keeps injuries at bay. Basically, it's the closest thing you can get to wrapping them up in a bubble!

For advice or a quote on how you could transform your children's play area with safe surfacing, just complete the form on this page.

Rubber Safety Surfacing

Rubber safety surfacing in Argyll and Bute PA78 6 can be used in a wide variety of places and can be installed for a variety of activities;

  • In children's playgrounds around slides, swings, monkey bars and climbing frames
  • On all-weather pitched for football, basketball, hockey etc.
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Residential gardens
  • Care homes

As well as being attractive to look at and being incredibly easy to install (it can be installed around existing structures), it places a huge tick in the safety box.

Its shock absorbing qualities make it the perfect surface to install where trips and falls might be a frequent occurrence, which is why it's so popular with schools, sports facilities and the elderly.

Installing a rubber impact-absorbing surface may be one of the best and smartest things you ever invest in for your facility.

Safety Surfaces in Argyll and Bute

Installing safety surfaces should be the number one priority for anyone who looks after a local facility where trips and falls are frequent. Children's playgrounds are a prime example of this, as young bones and muscles are particularly prone to injury through impact damage.

A safe surface such as wet pour rubber, or 'soft tarmac’ as it's sometimes known, is ideal for this scenario because it absorbs impacts and can be laid quickly and cheaply.

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The same can be said for multi-sports pitches and courts, as it acts as a shock absorber to minimise injuries and improve grip. With as many applications as this, it's no wonder that impact absorbing surfacing is as popular as it is.

Critical Fall Height

Critical fall height is the maximum height that someone call fall from a piece of equipment. How does this relate to safe surfacing? Well, our safe surfacing adheres to BS EN 1177 standards, which means that our surfaces actively limit the damage that could be done from a potential fall.

This should be an encouraging statistic to anyone thinking of installing our impact absorbing flooring in a nursery or school playground. Keep your kids safe by installing our playground safety surfacing today.

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Safety Surfacing for Playgrounds

Safety surfacing for playgrounds is where most people have come into contact (no pun intended!) with wet pour systems. They are bright, colourful and do an incredible job of keeping the kids safe against potentially harmful falls.

Made out of a shock absorbing pad with recycled rubber poured over the top, this two layered system creates a springy cushion that absorbs;

  • Impact on the ankles and ligaments from running
  • Impact on the body from jumping off climbing frames
  • Impacts on bones from trips
  • Impacts on bones from falls

It also reduces the chance of scrapes and cuts because there's nothing sharp to fall onto. Playground safety surfacing in Argyll and Bute PA78 6 is available in a myriad of different colours and fun shapes and images can be incorporated into the designs. The most common requests are;

  • A splat
  • Geometric shapes
  • Animals
  • School logos and coats of arms

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Get in touch with our specialist team to see how we could integrate your choice of colours and designs into your playground space, and before you know it you could have a bright, vibrant, safe space for your children to play in.

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